Profile frame for research

bauer-profiltechnik news-press 2020

Neckarwestheim, February 2020: At the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics (IPP), the custom-made frame designed by Bauer Profiltechnik, a specialist for solutions based on innovative materials, forms an essential basis for the implementation of research projects on future electricity generation.


Shipping workstations on ebay

bauer-profiltechnik news-press 2018

Bauer Profiltechnik GmbH equipped the ebay group with numerous mail-order workplaces in two new-build halls. "The handling figures in our logistics center near Leipzig are very high, requiring specially adapted workstations to meet the shipping requirements," says the head of ebay's logistics center. Bauer's workstations are used for shipping preparation and for putting goods together. The individual construction of Bauer Profiltechnik and that meet the high quality standards, are therefore very much appreciated on ebay.


Bauer Profiltechnik celebrates 25 years of success

bauer-profiltechnik news-press 2017

Much more than just profiles - Medium-sized full-service providers accompany customers from needs analysis through detailed planning to successful implementation.

Designing jobs in such a way that people are spurred on to the highest levels of performance - with this claim, Bauer Profiltechnik GmbH has developed an outstanding reputation throughout Europe as manufacturer and planner of workplaces over the past 25 years. On the occasion of the company's 25th anniversary, signs of healthy growth continue to stand.


This is part of the future of our country.

bauer-profiltechnik news-press rennteam-uni-stuttgart 2017

For the second time in a row we support the young engineers of the "Rennteam Uni Stuttgart". It is nice to see how such a young team is growing up again and again to a new professional team.

Successes to success gives the strategy in development, training and teamwork right. We are particularly pleased to have contributed significantly to the high quality and extremely flexible and transportable equipment of the racing team. We are also looking forward to supporting not only leisure activities, but also an innovative professional team, with ambitious goals and outstanding developer spirit. The future of our economy is determined and marked by people of this stroke. We also wish you all the best for the upcoming racing season 2017, the "Rennteam Uni-Stuttgart".


Senator aus Neckarwestheim

uwe-wehle bauer-profiltechnik-gmbh frühlings-convent-2016 senator

Uwe Wehle wurde in den Senat der Wirtschaft Deutschland berufen und vertritt als Senator die Bauer Profiltechnik GmbH im Senat der Wirtschaft Deutschland. Die Verleihung der Berufungsurkunde erfolgte am 27.05.2016 in Berlin durch den Vorstandsvorsitzenden des Senats der Wirtschaft, Dieter Härthe, den Präsidenten des Senats, Prof. Dr. Dr. Franz Josef Radermacher, dem Vizepräsidenten des Senats, Douglas Graf von Saurma-Jeltsch und dem Genralsekretär des Senate of Economy International, Dr. Volker Wissing.


Bauer Profiltechnik is attending Class

bauer-profiltechnik news-press Bauer-Profiltechnik-is-attending-Class

Theory and practice – at school these two topics often do not have a lot in common. For changing this situation, the Steinbeis Innovation Center for Enterprise Development at Pforzheim University connects within the project “Entrepreneurial Spirit at Schools” local entrepreneurs with students to discuss their visions and first of all the pros and the cons.

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